Alpha File Mover/Copier, V 0.0.24 - This program allows one to pick a directory (folder) and also an output directory (or even the same one), and organize the files depending on the first letter of each file name. Go here for a screen shot

For example, if you have files named:
apple, cat, cable, purple, pink, person

Then when ran, in the output directory, the program would make three sub folders: A, C, P. In "A" would be only the apple file, "C" would be cat and cable, and last, in "P" folder is purple, pink and person.

Normally this program is used for large sets of files, much, much more than the six shown above. Also this program treats the first letter the same no matter if it is in CAPS or all lowercase. It will also sort in the same way files that start with numbers, and special chars such as ! and _.

The reason I came up with the idea to write this program is I had a folder with 12,000 files in it, generated as output from another program I had going. Windows, as well as any O/S does have a hard time with very many files in one directory. This program allowed me to sort out the files, and in my case, have only a few hundred files in each folder. Access times improved! There might be other uses for this program also.

If you wish to try out the program, a zip file with 100 files with different filenames is available here (108K, MD5: 1F2C2A44337DCD4867C4B674D2A11CB2), download and extract them, and give it a shot!

The program itself is available here (24K, ZIP MD5: B803775F3A9DAC8BE05E88E3B293E616).

Proper Case Full Size Screen Shot Proper Case Mini Size Screen ShotProper Case- - This program is quite simple. It takes a string, on the clipboard such as:
Then hitting the "Quick Convert" (Or "Go" Button in mini mode) takes this string, and converts it to:
The Cat In The Hat.
and puts this back on to the clip board.

I used that when I was using a terminal session that had EVERYTHING IN CAPS, and wanted to make things look better for a copy and paste into a web based database I was working on.

It has two modes, full size, and mini. Using the "<--Mini" button in the full mode makes it mini, and the "-->" in mini mode makes it full size again.

The "on top" button keeps the program on top of other running programs for easy access.

The program can be dowloading in zip format Here. Version 1.0.22 (16K, ZIP MD5: 00E76BEB77BB14633A0576F8EA512B4C)

All programs come as is, and no warranty. Use at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damages from these programs. They should work without any issues, but I cant make any promises.